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A great clay bar should remove contaminants without scratching your car.  Cheap products can cause a lot of scratches.  Your technique matters too.  A lubricant and microfiber towel are also needed.

I usually buy these in a Clay Bar Kit to save time and money.  Here are a few of the best clay bar detailing kits on the market right now.

I always use a clay lubricant.

Some people and even some professional detailer simply use soapy water as their lube.  Not me.  I learned the hard way.

A few years ago I decided to help a friend clay his car.  We causes lots of fine scratches.

You probably don’t clay bar your car every day.  So spending a few dollars on a dedicated lube is definitely worth the money because it will help preserve your shine and reduce the need for polishing and compounding.

But now I know how to clay a car without scratching it. 


The secret is 

  1. Use a well known brand and not some unknown brand from eBay.
  2. Use a dedicated clay lubricant and use plenty of it.
  3. Never touch a dry part of you car with a clay bar.
  4. Don’t use too much pressure.
  5. For more information about clay cars and lubes, please read my ultimate guide to clay bars.

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Adams Clay Bar Kit

If your car is less than a year old or has recently been polished or detailed you should get fine clay.  This is softer and will cause fewer scratches than medium clay or heavy duty clay.

In this Adams Kit you get two bars and an excellent little tub that’s perfect for preventing your clay from drying out.

Adams clay bars are definitely my favorite.  I have successfully clayed new black cars without leaving a single scratch.  They are that good.

Adams Detail Spray is a good lubricant.  You will probably use half the bottle but you wont clay your car very often.  You can use the Adams detail spray for a million other things too of course.

This kit comes with an Iron Remover spray.  Its a good idea to use this before you clay as it removes some bonded iron that could scratch your car when you clay it.

View Adams Clay Bar Kit with Iron Remover on Amazon

Clay Bar Kit for Detailing

Chemical Guys Clay Bar Kit Review

New to the market is Chemical Guys Clay Luber.  I must admit I didn’t think a dedicated clay lubrication spray was really needed on the market but so many people seem to love it.  So I gave it a try myself.

And its excellent.  Chemical Guys Clay Luber is super slick and very cheap.  It does a fantastic job of protecting your paint.  And because of the low price you don’t feel bad about using the whole thing on one car.

Make sure you get the Blue Clay bar of you have a new or newish car as its the softer one.  The kit includes just one clay bar which is enough for one car.  

Only use heavy duty clay on old beat up cars that you plan on spending hours compounding and polishing.

Click here to read reviews of Chemical Guys Clay Bar and Luber on Amazon.

What do Professional Detailers Use?

A favourite product used by professionals is Meguiars Professional Clay Bar.  I know of some details who will use nothing else.  But it is a little expensive.

Click here to read about Meguiars Mirror Glaze Detailing Clay Bar on Amazon.

Another hugely popular dedicated lubricant that I have use is DoDo Juice Born Slippy.  Again its not as cheap as other pruducts but its used by pros who details brand new Bentleys.

Click here to see DoDo Juice Born Slippy on Amazon.

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