Do Brand New Cars Need to be Waxed?

Waxed New Car

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New cars look so good.  But do you need to wax a brand new car?  Modern cars have better paint.  But waxing it will add protection from the sun and weather and it makes washing easier.  

When I bought a brand new car a couple of years ago I decided to find out if the dealership waxed new cars before they were delivered.  I spoke to a few dealerships and I found that they don’t normally put wax on new cars. They usually need to be washed as they can get a little dirty during transportation.

They sometimes use an all one one polish on used cars but new cars are left bare.  It’s definitely worth taking the time to wax your new pride and joy.  And it doesn’t take that much time if you use the waxes I mention here.

Quick Answer

Waxing a brand new car is a fantastic idea.  It will protect it from contamination like salt and UV light.  It will even make washing easier because dirt cant stick to a waxed car like it does to an unwaxed one.  Wax will make your car shine too.

Why Wax a New Car?

  1. A waxed car is easier to wash.
  2. Wax makes you car look even better.
  3. Wax adds UV protection.
  4. Help prevent bugs from sticking.
  5. Help prevent water spots.
  6. Wax causes water beading.
  7. Makes car easier to dry with a towel.

New cars lose their shine very quickly.  It’s usually caused by washing and drying methods.  Adding a protective layer of wax will help prevent dirt from bonding directly to the outer layer of clear coat paint.  A waxed car makes washing easier. 

If you use a pressure washer you’ll find you get most of the dirt off a waxed car without touching it.  If your car isn’t waxed the dirt won’t come off so easy which means you’ll need to use a little elbow grease.  This will cause scratching and your paint to fade and lose it’s natural shine.

Water will bead on a waxed car.  The great thing about this is that rain water will flow off the car and take dirt and dust with it.  So your car will look better.

How does wax make a new car easier to wash?

Wax is hydrophobic.  This means that it pushes water away and prevents it from sticking to the paint. 

This is good news for us car lovers because usually water contains dirt and dust.  Especially if you encounter it on the road.

The hydrophobic effect will begin to deteriate fairly quickly.

But to restore it all you need to do is wash your car with a pH Neutral car shampoo like Meguiars Gold Class.

What are the different types of wax?

There are a few different types of wax out there.  Spray wax is the easiest to apply.  Liquid wax offerers better shine and protection.  But paste wax offers the most shine and can really make a new car pop while also adding protection

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What Liquid Wax I Recommend.

The easiest way to wax a car is to use a spray wax.  These have come a long way in the last few years.  They give deep gloss and shine and last a few months.

Bet best of all is they are quick and easy.

If you like a liquid wax I absolutely love  Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax.  It needs to be buffed of with microfibre cloths but its easy to apply and can go on plastic and rubber too.  

Remember that many old style waxes will stain plastic bumpers and rubber seals.

Here’s a list of my favorite waxes with instructions on how to use them.

Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax and Towel

Recommended Paste Wax

As this is probably going to be the first coat of wax you apply to your new pride and joy its worth spend a little bit more.  

For the best level of protection you can’t beat a paste wax. P21S Carnauba Wax will give a jaw dropping shine. This is the kind of wax that’s recommended by pro detailers because it’s got high levels of carnauba that give a deeper natural shine then a synthetic spray wax.

Some paste waxes stain plastic and rubber trim. Not P21S Carnuaba Wax. It can be easily removed and won’t leave residue behind. So you don’t need to tape off bumpers or door seals which can be very time consuming.

The fact that its easy to buff off and doesn’t leave residue behind is especially import of you have a black or dark colored car.

You can apply P21S with a machine polisher but I don’t think there is any advantage to this. Apply it by hand with a microfiber or foam applicator and buff off with a soft microfiber towel like these babies from Chemical Guys
Chemical Guys MIC_507_06 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel, Gold (16 in. x 24 in.) (Pack of 6)

There are a lot of cheap waxes out there that you might be tempted by. And they can deliver some nice gloss. But on a new car cheap waxes can cause some problems. Because new cars have perfect paint, a cheap wax can look streaky and uneven. They can also be difficult to remove when dry and so you’ll find yourself putting more pressure on your buffing cloth which can cause marring and scratches.

How soon can you wax a new car?

You can wax a new car the day your drive it home from the dealership.  If you are worried about the paint being fully cured, don’t be.  It has been baked and is fully cured when it leaves the factory.

Does a new car with a ceramic coating need to be waxed?

If your new car has a ceramic coating applied either by the dealership or a professional detailer, it may not need to be waxed.  This is because a ceramic coating acts very much like a wax except that it lasts much longer.  Some can last years.

But adding a protective layer of wax to the ceramic coating will boost the shine and protection.

You should find out what type of ceramic coating was applied, and then you can learn more about what products can be used to maintain it.

For example, if you ceramic coating was made by CarPro.  You should probably use something like CarPro Reload which is a spray sealant.

Does a new car with Paint Protection Film need to be waxed?

Paint Protection Film or PPF is popular on new cars.  Especially high end cars and cars that might be used on a race track.

They protect against stone chips.  Stone chips can remove clear coat and paint and expose bare metal to the elements.  They can get very unsightly.

You can wax PPF.  It add water beading with will make your car easier to wash.

A wax can also give UV protection to the paint and to the PPF.  

You should contact the dealer or the person who applied the PPF to find out exactly what you should do and what products are safe to use on it.

Should I get a ceramic coating?

Don’t use wax if you are planning on applying a ceramic coating yourself or if you are going to use a pro detailer to apply one for you.  In case you don’t know, a ceramic coating is a strong and very long lasting layer of protection.  Some can last several years.  A layer of sealant or wax can prevent ceramic coatings from bonding properly.

Applying a ceramic coating yourself.

Some ceramic coatings are designed to be applied by anyone.  The most popular consumer product right now is CarPro CQuarts UK 3.0  but there are many others.  You’ll find plenty of YouTube videos about this if you’re interested.  Or check out the price on Amazon by clicking here.

Proper preparation for wax is important.

You can scratch your car when applying wax.  This is especially true for paste wax as you need to rub it into the paint.  Paste wax also needs a little elbow grease to buff it off.  So if there is any dirt on your car it will grind into the clear coat and scratch it.

So you must thoroughly wash and dry your car first.  Learn the proper way to wash your car here.  Don’t dry it with an old beach towel.  I like to use a big plush drying towel or two.

What shampoo should I use for my first wash?

Use a regular car shampoo and not dish soap.  You can go a little further and get a strip wash shampoo like Adams Strip Wax.  This will help remove any existing wax that may already exist on your car which might prevent the new wax for bonding fully. 

If you want to know more about my car shampoo recommendations for new cars click here.

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